Women Not Warned About Side Effects of Taxotere

It’s hard enough for a woman to battle breast cancer. No one should have to go through that fight while unexpectedly going permanently bald at the same time. Unfortunately, this has happened to many women taking the chemotherapy drug Taxotere. A lot of them are fighting a new battle – this one on the legal front against the manufacturer of the drug, Sanofi-Aventis.

What Happened?

Plaintiffs in Taxotere lawsuits allege that Sanofi-Aventis failed to warn them of the dangers of permanent hair loss, a condition known as alopecia. They have made many claims against the company, including selling the drug without properly testing it, failing to disclose the risk of alopecia and other side effects, concealing information about those risks from the public, and several others.

The manufacturer, plaintiffs claim, was fully aware of the risk of alopecia yet moved forward with the making of Taxotere anyway. In fact, the company-sponsored study showed that nearly 10 percent of women who used Taxotere in a clinical trial developed alopecia.

When someone goes through chemotherapy, he or she does so with the knowledge that hair loss will be likely. However, hair will typically re-grow fully within six months to a year. If a breast cancer patient loses her hair in addition to having to fight this dreaded disease, the results can be devastating.

What makes this situation worse is that there’s an equally effective alternative, Taxol, that is less likely to cause alopecia. Women should have been given the all the facts related to Taxotere and the risk of permanent baldness.  If women knew, it’s possible they would have pursued a safer alternative.

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