Metal-on-Metal Hip Implants Described as “Ticking Time Bombs”

Across the country, people with metal-on-metal hip implants are dealing with terrible pain on a daily basis. Many more with these implants are dreading the day when they start to experience discomfort. These ticking time bombs have left people debilitated, with no other choice but to undergo an even more painful hip revision surgery.

A Terrible Toll

The complications from a defective metal-on-metal hip implant can rob someone of his or her quality of life. One news report went so far as to describe defective implants as “ticking time bombs.”

Patients receive these implants believing that they’ll finally bring permanent relief to the hip problems that, in many instances, they’ve had to deal with for years. Instead, their problems become even worse than they were before the device was implanted.

The health problems associated with defective implants are incredible. Implants can become loose to the point that they become unstable, robbing a patient of mobility. They’ve also spontaneously dislocated in some instances. Damage to tissues and bones have been reported, as well as severe infections. Patients receiving these implants are also at risk of metallosis, or metal poisoning. This occurs when tiny metal shards come loose from an implant and enter the bloodstream. Metallosis can lead to thyroid and kidney problems as well as nerve damage.

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