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Whenever we are prescribed a medication by our doctor we expect that it is well-tested, safe and fit for the purpose in which it was prescribed. However, despite being approved by the FDA, many prescription medications have been found to have side effects which can cause lasting problems. Often, throughout the litigation process, we find that many doctors were unaware of those potential side effects when they prescribed the medication.

The same holds true for some medical implants and medical devices. Such things are hailed as medical marvels and most of the time they truly are. However, some of them, including ICV filters, Heater Cooler Devices used during open heart surgery and hernia mesh, such as Ethicon’s Physiomesh have been found to pose significant health risks.

Do you think you have a pharmaceutical drug or medical device case? Call Baron & Budd, the dangerous drug lawsuit attorneys today to discuss your options. We may be able to help. Baron & Budd offers free case evaluations with no upfront expenses. Baron & Budd will only be reimbursed for expenses if we are able to successfully resolve your claims.

Protecting Your Health, Case by Case

So many of the things that are supposed to make us better may actually do us serious harm. In the case of dangerous drugs and medical devices, negligence on the part of their manufacturers and possible deliberate wrongdoing in order to make a profit are to blame.

In order to fulfill our mission, Baron & Budd offers expert legal representation to both public entities, individuals and plaintiff groups.

In terms of individual lawsuits, we have successfully represented men, women and children who were harmed by the medications or devices that were meant to help them. We have represented young men prescribed Risperdal medication that resulted in the abnormal growth of male breasts, women whose overall health was damaged by transvaginal mesh, people whose lives were put at risk by heavy bleeding caused by anticoagulant medication and much, much more.

In our representation of public entities, Baron & Budd was responsible for a landmark $177 million settlement in a case brought by seven states against GlaxoSmithKline over their diabetes medication Avandia. Not only did we secure the settlement, but the company was forced to change the way the drug was marketed to include full-risk disclosure.

Our health isn’t only endangered by pharmaceutical companies. It is also endangered by toxins like asbestos, which is the only known cause of a deadly cancer called mesothelioma.