The IVC Filter Nightmare: How Side Effects Are Ruining Lives

IVC Filter Complications

In most instances, IVC filters are intended to provide a temporary solution to a life-threatening medical condition. This small device is intended to block blood clots and prevent additional complications. Often used to treat stroke patients and victims of car accidents, it provides temporary relief from the threat of blood clots so that the patient can heal.

Device Removal

Sadly, this device has its problems and concerns. In some instances, removing the device when it is no longer necessary for patient support has caused severe injuries. There are many reasons this can happen, among them are the filter tilting or ingraining itself to the body in ways that make retrieval impractical.

Device Migration

Other instances of failure have been reported when the device unexpectedly migrated. That is, it broke apart in the vein and traveled, often in shards, to other parts of the body.

Often these adverse conditions go unnoticed for years after implantation of the filter. Many times, these imperfections are only noticed when patients undergo a CT scan or X-ray.

Many patients and doctors claim they were not made aware of these risks prior to the surgical or medical procedure they underwent. Many manufacturers are coming under fire for not properly informing doctors, who could then properly inform patients, of their inherent risks.

These patients are turning to our law firm for help. If you need guidance in filing a lawsuit against an IVC filter manufacturer, call us today. You can reach us at 855-280-7664. Don’t wait any longer to get the help and compensation you may be entitled to.

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