What You Should Know About Hip Replacement Lawsuits

Many people across the country have filed a hip replacement lawsuit due to complications associated with their metal on metal hip implants, including bone fractures, metal poisoning, dislocations, and others.  If you are considering taking legal action, here is some information to help you prepare.

Dangerous Complications

A hip replacement implant is supposed to help a patient live a full, active life – not lead to constant worry about potentially severe health problems that could be caused by the implant.  You may want to consider filing a hip replacement lawsuit if you received a metal on metal hip implant and  have experienced any of the following complications:

Bone fractures

In many instances, patients have reported fractures in the area of their implant. Because the hip plays the vital role in bearing a large portion of the body’s weight, even a small bone fracture can result in severe pain and a loss of mobility.


When a hip replacement device suddenly becomes loose or dislocated, the results can be debilitating. Unfortunately, the most effective  and common solution to this problem is a revision surgery to repair the dislocation.

Metal Poisoning

Also known as metallosis, this dangerous condition occurs when small pieces of metal wear off of a metal hip replacement implant and are absorbed by the bloodstream. The most common cause of metallosis with metal-on-metal hip implants is the grinding together of different components of the device, which releases potentially toxic debris into the blood.

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