Plaintiffs Continue to File Hip Replacement Lawsuits Against Johnson & Johnson

There are approximately 8,000 hip implant lawsuits pending against Johnson & Johnson and its subsidiary, DePuy Orthopaedics, with plaintiffs alleging they have suffered a wide range of complications due to defective devices. These include metallosis, tissue death, bone erosion and many others.

Serious Allegations

The latest lawsuit was filed by an Indiana man who claimed his DePuy metal-on-metal hip replacement device caused severe injuries. The plaintiff alleges that he not only suffered debilitating pain, but also destabilization in the hip joint due to friction as well as movement of the device. He claims he had to have another hip replacement procedure because it was defectively designed. The plaintiff also alleges that he may need further procedures in the future to fix the damage he says was caused by the device.

Major Jury Awards

This lawsuit comes on the heels of a Dallas jury awarding a group of six plaintiffs more than $1 billion in another hip implant lawsuit against the two companies. In 2016, two separate juries in Dallas awarded more than $1.5 billion combined to plaintiffs who alleged they were injured after receiving hip implants manufactured by DePuy. On December 1, a jury awarded six plaintiffs $1.041 billion – including $1.009 billion in punitive damages.

The jury sided with the plaintiffs’ on allegations that the devices were not only defectively designed, but also that both Johnson & Johnson and DePuy failed to warn patients of the potential risks.

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