High Failure Rates of IVC Filters – Know the Risks


IVC filters are supposed to save lives; instead, they have put far too many of them in danger. These medical devices have been widely used in a wide range of patients—from car accident victims to those who have suffered a stroke—to prevent blood clots from traveling to the heart and lungs. The unfortunate reality is that IVC filters have some nasty side effects, and have even caused the very tragedies they are supposed to prevent: physical devastation and even death.

IVC Filter Complications

There are many complications that a patient can suffer from after having an IVC filter implanted.  One complication involves the inability to retrieve the IVC filter. In most situations, the device is intended for temporary use only. Some of these instances include victims of car accidents and stroke victims. The device is implanted to bring temporary relief from the threat of blood clots while the patient heals. Doctors are finding, however, that removing the device after its useful life has expired proves challenging. In some cases, it has proven to be impossible. In other cases, doctors have ascertained that leaving the device in place is less traumatic for the patient and will do less harm than actually removing the filter.

Serious Side Effects

Other patients are suffering from device fracture. This is caused by the IVC filter breaking apart while still implanted. In these situations, the device can migrate to other parts of the body. In some instances, the device becomes ingrown – that is, it ingrains itself to the body and makes removing it impossible.

One of the main complications caused by IVC filters is that that the filter can tilt. This tilting can cause an increase in the risk of pulmonary embolisms and ultimately can lead to the filter migrating or fracturing. If your doctor or surgeon has diagnosed you with any of these conditions, please give our office a call.

Sadly, some patients have died from IVC filter complications. If a loved one has passed away because of one of these devices, we may be able to help your family get justice with an IVC filter lawsuit.

We will do everything we can to win your case and ensure that the manufacturers of IVC filters compensate you for your suffering. The legal help you need is only one phone call away. Call Baron & Budd today at 866-731-7909.

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