The FDA and Metal-on-Metal Hip Implants

While it has been a few years since the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) stated that there is very little evidence to justify the continuing use of metal-on-metal hip replacement implants, that does little to help those who are still suffering.  Complications associated with metal-on-metal implants have been debilitating, often requiring painful revision surgeries to correct.

What Did the FDA Say?

In 2011, the FDA ordered more than 20 manufacturers of metal-on-metal hip replacement devices to perform studies into their effectiveness. The next year, the agency found there was almost no benefit to using these devices due to their high risk of failure. The agency stated that metal-on-metal devices pose additional, unique dangers – on top of the ones that are generally present with all hip implants.

Many metal-on-metal implant manufacturers have issued recalls, including Zimmer, Stryker, DePuy and others. Because these and other companies failed to properly test their devices, thousands of people have suffered.

Metal-on-Metal Hip Replacement Implant Complications

In many instances, metal-on-metal hip replacement components have rubbed against each other, resulting in metal shavings entering the bloodstream of patients and causing metallosis, a form of blood poisoning. Sudden dislocations have also occurred due to device malfunctions. Fractures, loss of mobility, severe inflammation, and infections are just a few of the other complications associated with these implants.

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