What the $1 Billion DePuy Hip Implant Verdict Means to You

On December 1, a Dallas jury awarded an astounding $1 billion to a group of six plaintiffs who alleged they were injured by a hip implant. The plaintiffs sued DePuy Orthopaedics (a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson), the manufacturer of the Pinnacle hip implant they allege caused their complications.

What the Jury Said

The jurors in the case sided with the plaintiffs’ argument that not only was the Pinnacle designed in a defective manner, but that both DePuy and Johnson & Johnson failed to warn patients about the risks of the device. The plaintiffs claimed they suffered a wide range of complications as a result, including bone erosion, tissue death and others.

What makes the verdict particularly surprising is the amount of punitive damages that were awarded. Plaintiffs received $32 million in compensatory damages, but received $1.009 billion in punitive damages. Jurors award punitive damages in order to punish defendants reckless conduct. The amount awarded in this case is an indication of just how reckless the jury considered the defendants to be.

Why You Should Take Action

There are more than 8,000 hip implant lawsuits pending against DePuy and Johnson & Johnson, and this is the second multi-million dollar hip implant verdict against the pharmaceutical giants to come down in 2016. Earlier in 2016, another Dallas jury awarded $502 million to a group of five plaintiffs.

As a result of these verdicts, pressure is mounting on Johnson & Johnson to try and reach settlements with people who allege they have been injured by implants made by the company.

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