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Health Complications Linked to Valsartan

Valsartan (also known as Diovan) is a drug designed to treat hypertension, or high blood pressure. It is also used to treat people suffering from heart failure, as well as patients who have recently suffered a heart attack. Valsartan works by helping the blood vessels relax so that blood can circulate more easily through the body.

However, some patients have reported being diagnosed with cancer after taking the drug. Others have reported suffering severe liver damage.

The cancer risk is reportedly due to an impurity discovered in the medication’s manufacturing process. A substance known to be a probable human carcinogen – N-nitrodimethylamine (NDMA) – was reportedly found in Valsartan pills produced at a facility in China. There is evidence that pills containing NDMA have been produced for several years, putting a great many patients at risk.

There is also evidence suggesting that patients who use Valsartan may be at a higher risk of liver damage, including tumors and cancer.

Valsartan and the FDA

In July 2018, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced a recall of Valsartan products sold by Teva Pharmaceuticals USA (labeled as Major Pharmaceuticals), Teva Pharmaceuticals (dba Actavis LLC) and Prinston Pharmaceuticals (dba Solco Healthcare LLC). Since July, the recall has grown to include Camber Pharmaceuticals.

In its announcement, the FDA mentioned the presence of NDMA in valsartan pills produced at the Zhejiang Huahai Pharmaceutical manufacturing facility in Linhai, China. According to the FDA, the impurity may have been present in pills produced at the facility as far back as 2014.

The FDA termed the recalled products an “unnecessary risk” to patients, and recommended that people using the drug either take medications made by different companies or look for other treatment options.

How Baron & Budd May Be Able to Help

Companies that manufacture medications such as valsartan owe a duty to patients to make sure they know of all risks associated with taking those drugs. That way, patients and doctors will have the information they need in order to determine whether or not it will be safe to do so. Patients are filing lawsuits against valsartan manufacturers, alleging these companies did not only do an insufficient job of providing that information, they also failed to properly test their products to make sure they were safe.

Patients who suffered complications after taking valsartan may be able to obtain significant compensation for medical bills, pain, lost wages and other damages. However, you may only have a certain amount of time before you can file a valsartan lawsuit. An attorney with Baron & Budd can provide you with all of your legal options so you can make the best decision regarding your legal rights.

If you would like to learn more about how we may be able to help, contact Baron & Budd by using our convenient online form or calling 866-723-1890.

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