Had You Known, Would You Have Said “No”? On Transvaginal Mesh and the Ultimate Question

Here’s a thought.

Imagine you went to your doctor for a recurring problem, maybe stress urinary incontinence — an ailment that tends to afflict women as they age, especially in women who have borne children.

You told your doctor about the problem, and as expected, your doctor suggested a possible solution.

Now here is where it gets tricky.

This is what many women heard:

“You need a surgery to correct the issues. The fastest recovery time (in fact it is often day surgery) is a procedure using transvaginal mesh. This is the newest and safest way to correct your SUI (stress urinary incontinence).”

The reality is that transvaginal mesh surgery may be easier than conventional surgery to correct stress urinary incontinence, but for tens of thousands of women the results have been devastating. Once it’s inserted, the device has a tendency to erode, migrate and/or protrude, causing pain, bleeding and infections. What’s worse, the stress urinary incontinence  or pelvic organ prolapse that started most women down the path of transvaginal mesh surgery often become  worse — sometimes debilitating. And once a transvaginal mesh device is implanted, it is nearly impossible for doctors to completely remove. In fact, many women undergo multiple revision surgeries because the device has become so integrated into their bodies.

Had you known what could happen, what would you have said to the proposed procedure?

The answer for all too many women we talk to is an emphatic  “No.”

For women who did not have a chance to say “No” to the surgery and are now suffering from debilitating problems, perhaps their best option at this point is to say “Yes” to holding the companies who made these products accountable for the injuries the implants have caused.

For more information, please visit our transvaginal mesh lawsuit webpage.

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