After the Recent $1.2 Million Ethicon Lawsuit, What Comes Next?

Our Women’s Health Team at Baron and Budd is committed to helping women who have suffered serious health complications and injuries from transvaginal mesh products. Today we would like to update everyone on what is happening with the transvaginal mesh lawsuits, on where the transvaginal mesh lawsuits may be headed and about what you can do to file a transvaginal mesh lawsuit if you or a loved one was injured by transvaginal mesh.

In Dallas this month, a jury found that both a manufacturer of transvaginal mesh, Ethicon, and its parent company, Johnson & Johnson, were liable for the defects associated with their TVT-O transvaginal mesh sling. The jury’s decision was an important step in helping the women injured by transvaginal mesh — and making sure that more women are not hurt in the future.

Transvaginal mesh litigation helps women in two meaningful ways: The $1.2 million verdict will help Batiste herself as she continues to struggle with the devastation left by transvaginal mesh, and the verdict will also help send a message to pharmaceutical companies that it is simply not good business when their products hurt women.

Still, the transvaginal mesh lawsuits have a way to go. Countless women may have been seriously injured by transvaginal mesh, facing the need for revision surgeries and other expensive, painful and emotionally taxing injuries. And while so many women may be injured by transvaginal mesh, and may be suffering with these injuries on a day-to-day basis, the sad fact is that this has not yet caused a total rethinking of the use of transvaginal mesh. Instead, believe it or not, many transvaginal mesh products are still sold and implanted in women to this day.

Which means: We must keep fighting.

New Mexico, in particular, may be an important state in the progress of the transvaginal mesh lawsuits. If you live in New Mexico and have suffered after receiving transvaginal mesh surgery or may face the need for a transvaginal mesh revision surgery, please contact our Women’s Health Team to see if you have a potential case.

Transvaginal mesh lawyers across the country will continue talking to women who have been injured and work to assist them in investigating whether or not they have a potential case. Our own transvaginal mesh lawyers are currently taking calls at 866-520-2755 or email us here. Please share the news with any woman in your life that you think may need the support of our Women’s Health Team. Together, we’ll keep on fighting until things are made right.

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