Surgical Hernia Mesh FAQ

Hundreds of thousands of people across the U.S. undergo hernia surgery each year, and many of these surgeries involve the implantation of a device known as a surgical hernia mesh. Unfortunately, these devices have been associated with many severe health problems. We field a lot of questions from people who have suffered complications, and as a result are considering legal action against the manufacturer of the hernia mesh device used in their procedure. Here are answers to some of the more commonly asked questions we receive.

What’s the latest on surgical hernia mesh litigation?

In December 2016, a panel of federal judges established a Multi-District Litigation (MDL) in a New Hampshire U.S. District Court to consolidate lawsuits filed against Atrium, the manufacturer of the C-QUR hernia mesh device. More than 8,000 suits are part of the MDL, which was established in order to streamline litigation in the case.

Why is mesh used in hernia surgeries in the first place?

Doctors will typically use mesh because it is designed to prevent the recurrence of a hernia. The main types of mesh are made of either animal tissue or synthetic material, either polypropylene or polytetrafluoroethylene. Polypropylene meshes have been used for nearly 60 years, but have been linked to several different complications.

What are some of the most common hernia mesh complications?

Erosion of the mesh and infections linked to the device are among the most common complications reported by patients.

What kind of compensation could I expect if I file a hernia mesh lawsuit?

No reputable law firm will ever promise that a client will win money in any sort of lawsuit, whether it’s surgical hernia mesh or anything else. What we can, however, say is that you may be able to obtain compensation for damages, such as medical bills or lost wages, that you suffered due to complications caused by your hernia mesh.

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