Recovering From Knee Replacement Revision Surgery

It’s an unfortunate fact that many people receiving a DePuy Synthes Attune knee replacement implant have experienced a failure of the device. This often means patients need a revision surgery in order to regain their mobility and relieve their pain. If you are considering this type of procedure, here’s some information on what to expect once you return home.

Why Revision Surgeries are Needed

When a knee replacement implant such as the DePuy Synthes Attune device fails, that can result in excruciating pain and a loss of quality of life. In many instances, patients find it impossible to perform everyday tasks such as walking up a flight of stairs.

A knee revision surgery is designed to restore function and relieve pain. It is a very complex procedure that requires special tools and a great deal of planning. In some surgeries, only one component of a failed implant needs to be fixed. In others, all components need to be replaced. In addition, some procedures will require that bone around the knee be rebuilt.

The Recovery Process

People who undergo knee revision surgery will usually need help at home for an extended period of time – it’s possible you will need assistance for several weeks. It’s very important for you to contact a friend or family member who will be able to provide that help. Most patients need to use a cane, crutches or walker for days or weeks following the procedure.

You will also have either staples or stitches along the wound for several weeks. Some patients will have sutures underneath the skin. Staples and stitches need to be removed while sutures do not. Patients will need to make sure they don’t soak the wound until it has completely dried and sealed.

Physical therapy will also be required. A therapist will tell you the exact exercises you will need to perform in order to increase your mobility and strength as quickly as possible. Your doctor will provide you with specific instructions regarding things you can do to reduce the risk of suffering complications such as an infection or blood clots. Follow these directions to the letter.

While most patients find success from a revision surgery, the recovery process is long and grueling. No one deserves to be put through this – that’s why you should contact an attorney who can make sure the company responsible for your suffering is forced to face accountability. Contact Baron & Budd online or call 866-520-2755 to learn more about how we may be able to help.

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