Recalled Defibrillators: Making the Case for Why You Need to Know What’s Wrong (— Even if You’re Living With a Defibrillator Now)

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: You need to know.

You need to know if your adverse heart events are being caused by your implanted defibrillator.

You need to know, those skipping beats, that extra jolt when you don’t need it… is that connected? (It can be.)

You need to know, those missing beats, that missing extra jolt when you actually require it… is that connected? (That can be, too.)

You need to know, you need to know!

The problem is that some people with implanted defibrillators who HAVE ADVERSE REACTIONS decide there’s nothing they can do. Even when St. Jude’s Riata leads have been recalled… they think, even if I have them, why know for sure, why care, because what can be done?

If you have the Riata lead inside of you, it may be difficult to have it removed — maybe even impossible. You’ll have to discuss possible lead removal and/or another solution with your doctor.

Aside from your medical care, there’s something that can be done:

You can file a lawsuit. It won’t take you much time or trouble, that’s what our Riata lead lawyers are for.

What it will save you is all that trouble, all those skipping beats and missed beats and jolting when you don’t need it — the people who should be paying for it (St. Jude’s Medical, the people who manufactured the dangerous defibrillators), will pay for it.

That’s something that doesn’t happen often in this world. The bad guys getting in trouble for what they’ve done and the people that have been hurt speaking up and finding retribution.

If you have the option, we say, you need to know.

You can find out by checking your travel card and then calling our Riata lead lawyer at 866-520-2755 or contact us here to learn more.

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