Check Your Card! – If You Have a Defibrillator From St. Jude Medical

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If you have a defibrillator from St. Jude Medical, it is time to check the RVA number, or model number, on your travel card. Some of the leads in the major St. Jude Medical defibrillators implanted in countless patients around the country may be dangerous… and some have even been recalled!

Every patient who has a defibrillator should have a travel card to go with it that says two critical things: 1) the manufacturer name — in the case of these recalled defibrillators that would be St. Jude Medical and 2) the RVA, or model number.

It is important to check your travel card to find the model number, because should you have one of the recalled defibrillators inside of you, you could experience life-endangering problems from the defibrillator like inappropriate sensing or pacing or even a lack of jolts when you need them.

There are several St. Jude Medical lead defibrillator model numbers that have been recalled, including model numbers 1562, 1572, 1582, 1529, 1560, 1570, 1571, 1580, 1581, 1590, 1591, 7002, 7042, 7000, 7001, 7010, 7011, 7040, 7041.  Other St. Jude Medical leads, though not recalled, are causing major life-threatening failures. Those model numbers include 7120, 7121, 7122, 7170 and 7171.

Because of the high number of models involved in the defibrillator recall, we encourage you to pick up the phone and call us at 866-520-2755 or email us here if you or someone you know has a St. Jude Medical defibrillator — no matter what the RVA number.

Our defibrillator lawyers will be able to provide a free and confidential consult to any patient who calls or emails us and has their travel card with the RVA number in front of them.

The fact is you may be relying on a recalled lead defibrillator to save your life. If the model number turns out to be one of the dangerous defibrillator leads, whether it is one of the recalled leads or other St. Jude defective lead, then you may be eligible to join the recalled defibrillator lawsuit.

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