How To Protect Yourself… When Everyone Around You Is Sick! For Mesothelioma Patients, Families & Those Fighting Low Immunities Caused by Pharmaceutical Related Illnesses

Everyone has to make that extra effort now and again to take care of themselves and their bodies and not get sick with common colds, flus and viruses during the winter season.

For those with mesothelioma or pharmaceutical related illnesses and their family members who are under extra stress, taking care of yourself and making sure to the best of your abilities that you don’t catch that bug going around the office or your town is an especially big deal, because people fighting either as patients or caregivers just don’t have the time to add even one more thing to their growing To Do lists, or weakened immunities.

Here’s what we suggest to beat the bugs and colds and viruses going around, and make sure you and your loved ones stay well even while fighting mesothelioma and pharmaceutical related illnesses.

Step 1: Wash Thy Hands

We know — you’ve heard it before! The truth is you’ll find doctors washing their hands constantly throughout the day, because they are often the first in line with bugs, flus and viruses and they know that washing their hands is one of the easiest and most effective ways to make sure they do not get sick themselves.

Step 2: Dont Touch Your Face

Pretend that there a wall at the base of your neck, dividing your face from the rest of your body. It’s a little extreme, but it’s one of the best tricks out there to follow this simple, and yet surprisingly difficult, step: Don’t touch your eyes our mouth with your hands! If you can train your main to know that touching your eyes or mouth is off limits, you’re on your way to staying bug-free!

Step 3: Sanitize Common Surfaces

Got some sanitizing wipes? Wipe down those common surfaces you touch often. Door knobs, sinks and faucets, kitchen counter space are all heavily touched places in the home — places you’d benefit to clean frequently. Outside of the home, restaurant menus, public restrooms and the handles of grocery carts tend to carry a lot of germs… if you can, wipe down these surfaces before you touch. Or: do what you can post-touching by washing your hands frequently!

Step 4: Take the Time to Sleep, Exercise and Hydrate

There’s nothing like proper sleep, exercise and fluids to keep your immunity up. You should not exercise when you’re feeling sick, but exercise has been shown to be a big boost to owns immunity and if you can find the time, taking that extra step to exercise — or spend an extra hour sleeping or chugging that extra glass or two of water…. it will do nothing but help you!

Step 5: Eat Thy Veggies and Vitamins

You didn’t think we’d talk about staying well without mentioning what you eat, did you? We know there are many diets under the sun, but one diet has been shown to be the most healthy again and again: Staying away from processed foods, white sugar and eating a lot of fruits and vegetables. You can throw your fruits and vegetables in a blender or juicer and you can also buy frozen vegetables for a quick meal along with some beans and rice.

Step 6: Reduce That Stress

There’s nothing like stress to bring you down. Counter act stress by taking deep breaths, exercising, meditating or taking some much-needed time for yourself. You could make a cup of tea, take a long bath, take a stroll or go buy some fresh flowers and get a manicure… whatever helps you calm down best!

Step 7: Dont Smoke – Ever

Just. Don’t. Smoke. Smoking brings down your immunity and also can bring about a ton of major health problems. We know that the first thing you might want to do when stressed out is reach for a cigarette. The problem is, in the long run, that cigarette can’t do anything to help your stress… it can kill you tough, so stay away from second-hand smoke and refrain from smoking yourself, please!

We hope these tips have been helpful for you. Please share them with your friends and family to help those you love stay well this winter!

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