Life Ain’t Fair: On Lipitor’s Use as a Preventive Medicine

She was always very healthy. She made sure to eat a healthy diet; her body mass index was 24.8, well within the healthy range. She was healthy. But only until she wasn’t.

As part of a preventative effort to maintain her health and decrease her likelihood of developing heart disease, Evalina Smalls began taking the statin drug Lipitor in 1999.

She was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes ten years later, while still taking Lipitor. The diabetes came as a shock – it was not a disease she or her doctor believed she was at risk for developing.

How did it happen? Some might say, well, life ain’t fair. Bad things happen. We can’t always control it. And that’s true, for some things. But there are also some things that we can control, like what prescription drugs we take. Turns out women who repeatedly take statins such as Lipitor are almost 50 percent more likely to develop type 2 diabetes. And get this: type 2 diabetes puts patients at a greater risk for blindness, kidney disease, even heart disease.

Take a Pill to Prevent a Disease and Develop a Different Illness Instead. That sounds like bad medicine. And to unknowingly put yourself at an increased risk for the exact disease you were trying to prevent in the first place? That sounds like a bad joke. Only no one is laughing.

So take your pick and answer the question via the comments section below. Is it life that is so unfair? Or is it the negligent corporations willing to sacrifice their customer’s health – and life – for a higher profit? That’s a question we like to let the jury decide for themselves. And guess what? Time and time again, the jury stands by the people. Those negligent corporations – turns out they are the most unfair of them all.

In March of this year, Evalina Smalls filed a Lipitor lawsuit claim in the federal court in South Carolina.

If you believe that you have a potential Lipitor lawsuit case, please contact our Lipitor lawyers at 1.866.844.4556.

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