Why You Should File a Hernia Mesh Lawsuit

Hernia Mesh Risks

You should seriously consider filing a hernia mesh lawsuit if you developed health complications after the device was implanted during your surgical procedure. Many people have taken legal action across the United States against the manufacturers of allegedly defective meshes, seeking compensation for medical expenses, wages lost from missed work and several other types of damages.

Recent Cases

More than 3,000 people across the country filed lawsuits against C.R. Bard, the manufacturer of the Kugel hernia mesh patch, alleging that they developed complications such as infections and bowel perforations due to the device. Bard settled one multidistrict litigation case in 2011 for $184 million, while an individual in a hernia mesh recall lawsuit against Bard was awarded $1.3 million by a jury in 2010.

Earlier this year, a Florida woman filed a hernia repair mesh lawsuit against Ethicon, a Johnson & Johnson subsidiary, over injuries she alleges she suffered due to the company’s Physiomesh device. She claims that not only did the defective hernia mesh cause an intestinal blockage, she says she also suffers chronic pain. The plaintiff also claims that the mesh could not be completely removed because it became embedded in the wall of her abdomen.

Talk to a Lawyer Immediately

Medical devices such as hernia mesh have been linked to severe complications in many patients. There is always a risk of problems in any type of surgery, of course, but people shouldn’t have to deal with serious health issues due to defective medical devices. If you have suffered harm after a surgery involving a hernia repair mesh, get in touch with Baron & Budd as soon as you can to learn about your potential legal options. Call 866-829-0176 or complete our contact form for a confidential consultation.

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