Californian Woman Coleen Perry Won $5,700,000 in Combined Damages in Ethicon Inc. Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuit

Californian Coleen Perry has won $5,700,000 in combined damages against Ethicon Inc. — $5 million in punitive damages and $700,000 in compensatory damages. The $5,700,000 in combined damages was determined by a California jury who returned the verdict against Ethicon Inc. Coleen sued the company in California state court over injuries she alleged were due to Ethicon Inc.’s transvaginal mesh device, TVT Abbrevo mesh. Ethicon Inc. is a pharmaceutical company that is owned by Johnson & Johnson, one of the biggest and most powerful pharmaceutical companies in the world.

Unfortunately, biggest and most powerful does not always translate to most safe. For Coleen Perry, she attested that her transvaginal mesh device injured her so severely that she suffers from chronic pain that will not go away no matter how many revision surgeries she endures.

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Transvaginal mesh is a medical device that has been associated with serious complications like perforation of the organs or erosion of the device, into the organs, causing severe damage and pain that may make everyday activities difficult to perform. Sometimes transvaginal mesh is referred to as a “bladder sling” or “vaginal mesh.”

Transvaginal mesh was marketed as an easy-fix for urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse. Unfortunately, for many women, the result of this surgery was far from easy or quick — instead, many  women suffered complications and pain that required revision surgery after revision surgery. While companies were quick to promote transvaginal mesh devices, surgical doctors found removal of the devices due to complications is near impossible.

What this means for patients like Coleen Perry is lots of doctor visits, lots of patient robes, lots of time spent in recovery and a loss of the life they used to have — from jobs to family life to even intimacy and ability to freely use the restroom… These women suffered a serious and devastating loss to their lives, and all for a “quick-fix” solution to a problem that was, relatively speaking, rather harmless compared to the complications that came after having the transvaginal mesh implanted.

Coleen Perry’s win is just one step for women hurt by transvaginal mesh. If you or someone you know is suffering from serious pain or disability due to transvaginal mesh, you may be able to file a transvaginal mesh lawsuit with us. Doing so would not only potentially help you get the money you need to cover expensive medical bills and new costs of living with transvaginal mesh’s associated risks, but also help you send a clear warning to the manufacturers and marketers of transvaginal mesh, letting them know that they need to protect women from dangerous devices.

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