Can Your Hernia Mesh Be Removed Safely?

It’s common knowledge that after surgery most patients experience discomfort in the area of the body where the surgery was performed. However, if after a certain amount of time a patient is still experiencing pain and complications and there was a medical device or product implanted, it stands to reason that the foreign item might be part of the problem.

Many hernia patients had a mesh device – commonly known as a  patch, plug, or sheet — used in their surgery. These devices are designed to prevent a reoccurrence of the hernia by providing support to the muscles surrounding the affected area.

In recent years, due to the complications that these hernia mesh products have caused, some products have been discontinued or recalled by the manufacturer.

If you’re a patient having serious issues due to hernia mesh, you naturally want to know if it can be removed safely.

Hernia repair mesh devices and their possible complications

Patients who have had non-absorbable mesh — which is meant to provide permanent support to the affected area — should know that if they are experiencing any of a variety of symptoms, it could be due to the failure of the hernia mesh.

These could include common hernia mesh symptoms, such as constipation, fatigue, fever, insomnia, irritable bowel, severe pain and trouble urinating. Some of the more severe symptoms could include abdominal infection, bowel perforation, fistula formation, organ puncture or rupture and sepsis.

In addition, the mesh could erode into the bowels, move, or even be rejected by the body. In these cases, additional surgeries may be necessary — including removal of mesh and tissue.

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