A judge in Missouri upheld the jury’s $4.69 billion verdict in July against Johnson & Johnson

Baby Powder

A jury in Missouri found Johnson & Johnson’s talcum powder product to be responsible for causing cancer in 22 women. The verdict was upheld by Judge Rex Burlison from the Circuit Court of the City of St. Louis affirmed the jury’s verdict.

Judgement Day

According to Reuters, the judge wrote “The Court finds there is no just reason for delay and hereby certifies this judgment as final for purposes of appeal.”  This verdict against Johnson & Johnson was for $550 million in compensatory damages and $4.14 billion in punitive damages, totaling $4.69 billion.

Johnson & Johnson, according to the article, will “continue to pursue all available appellate remedies.”

Our Sentiments

It was reported that Johnson & Johnson has called the Missouri trial “fundamentally unfair.” Our attorneys believe that the serious health issues caused by this company’s product is fundamentally unfair to the victims.  These women trusted Johnson & Johnson’s talc-based products to use regularly for feminine hygiene without knowing that it could cause cancer. This article points out that six of the 22 women involved in this lawsuit have already passed away.  


Baron & Budd has chosen not to file a talcum powder class action lawsuit on behalf of its clients. Instead, we are accepting individual lawsuits. Class actions can be beneficial in many instances, but in this particular type of case plaintiffs would have a very difficult time obtaining the proper compensation for the severe health complications they have suffered.

If you would like to learn more about filing a talcum powder lawsuit, get in touch with Baron & Budd by calling 866-723-1890 or complete our contact form.

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